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Kitchen Backsplash

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Kitchen tile backsplash installation

When it comes to installing your kitchen backsplash, our expert installers will make sure to get the job done properly. From preparing the walls for tile to sealing it, we at Unique Stone will complete the job in a professional manner. We supply granite, quartz, and marble along with other stone and tile options. We know that the interior design of your kitchen is something that will make your home feel complete, so contact us today for an estimate on getting a backsplash installed.

Tile backsplash ideas

We offer a variety of natural stone backsplash ideas and colors. Whether it is a white kitchen wall that you want or a mosaic tile pattern, we have it all. When deciding on a layout for your backsplash, consider the area that the tiles will cover. We can help you calculate how many tiles you need if you do not already know. Once this is decided, you can completely customize a layout that will fit your kitchen. Keep in mind that your backsplash will not only serve a practical and functional purpose but an aesthetic purpose as well. Thankfully, we supply the best materials that are going to put up with any splashes and stains that get thrown around on your kitchen wall and still look great!


There are a handful of useful advantages when it comes to using tile for a backsplash. Tiles are extremely easy to clean, so when you inevitably splash something on them, the substance will come off with ease. Another thing that is fairly unique to natural stone tiles is that they are heat-resistant and completely waterproof.

Budgeting for backsplash

With the variety of stone tile options that we offer, you are sure to find a backsplash that fits within your budget. There is no need to break the bank when it comes to remodeling or building out your kitchen, so contact us to get an estimate on a kitchen backsplash installation with the material and color of your choosing.

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